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Ircam Forum 2022


Ircam Forum 9/30/22 – 10/3/22

We are excited to announce the Fall 2022 Ircam Forum that will be held at New York University (NYU) and hosted by the NYU Music Technology and Music Theory & Composition programs from September 30 to October 3, 2022. The Big Apple Ircam Forum will include workshops, research presentations, demos, panel discussions, concerts, installations, and artist residencies in collaboration with Columbia University Computer Music Center (CMC), Harvestworks, NYU Libraries, NYU Piano Studies, and MARL. The theme of the event will be “interaction and sound design” and will focus on the following topics: composer/performer/computer interaction, improvisation, and collaboration; sonification and generative sound exploration; soundscape [re]sonification, interaction, sensing and sensor networks; and educational tools in interaction and sound design. The artist residency program at Harvestworks will be for a duration of one month during which, up to three artists, will finish their proposed work at Harvestworks between August – September 2022. Additionally, a number of special events will be held as part of the Forum including a concert by French National Jazz Orchestra (ONJ) with Steve Lehman at Roulette, late night concerts at the NYU’s new “Garage”, a late night concert in collaboration with CMC, and programs at Governor’s Island in partnership with Harvestworks. Our keynote speaker is Robert Rowe! This event is supported by The French Institute, Izotope, and NYU MPAP.




Registration has ended: note that if you do not have a current NYU ID with access to NYU buildings, you will need to submit COVID-19 vax documentation that will need to be checked by the University (takes approx. 3-5 business days). If you have a current NYU ID and “Go Violet” pass and would like to register please contact Tae Hong Park (

In-person Participation
Forum Ircam Premium Member or Student$25
Remote Participation
Forum Ircam Premium Member OR Student$10

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Concert works
Installation works
Panel discussion proposals
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Research presentations
Harvestworks Artist Residencies

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Contact Info
Tae Hong Park (

NYU Team Members
Tae Hong Park (Chair)
Ricardo Arbiza & Peter Traver
Tom Beyer, Thomas Doczi & Ernesto Valenzuela
Paul Geluso, Parichat Songmuang, Robert Rowe, Keiko Ueneshi, & Mina Lee
Jonathan Haas, Sean Statser & Marilyn Nonken
Nick Batina, Malachi Gregory, Eugene Markin & Adrienne Schoenberg
Erik Ball, Kang Chen & Maharath Sinha

Collaborators and Partners
Columbia University CMCs Seth Clueth and Brad Garton
Harvestworks Carol Parkinson
NYU Music Technology, Theory & Composition, Piano Studies, Percussion Studies, NYU Libraries